Human Hair Wigs should be your First Choice

Human hair wigs or synthetic wigs always make you confused whenever you want to buy hair extension. Some normal questions came into everyone minds that which one is right for you, May be both or one. Human hair or synthetic hair both have limitations and advantage so both can be your choice at different times depending upon on your budget and requirement.

 Both can be beneficial for you at different needed time so here we are going to help you to know about the difference and use between the both.

Why you should use human hair wigs?

Well, answer to your question is quite simple real human hair wigs are the most natural looking wigs. They are soft and shiny as compared to synthetic wigs. Versatility in your hair styles can be brought through cutting but how do you carry those hairstyles matter a lots.  Let’s talk about the types of different human hair wigs. Generally there are three major types of human hair wigs like Indonesian, Indian, European/Caucasian are the most popular ones in the human hair wigs which are mostly used for the hairstyling. Hair extensions can be used for both hairstyling purposes and for the regular use. Majority of the wigs are made from Asian hair because the Chinese ones are thicker denier which results in hair being too straight so it’s difficult to curl them and harder to style. Indonesian hair is less expensive and can be found easily in larger supply. Indonesian hair can be found in ethnic style wigs same like Chinese hair, Indian hair has also thinner denier but with bit more texture. European is the most expensive and limited in supply in the market because of their fine denier.

Origin of the hair extensions don’t matter that much but the processing technique is the one which is directly related to strength and quality. So, just because of this reason you can get custom-made human hair wigs in best prices. When they used the higher quality chemicals and colors to produce, the result will be higher quality product and higher price.

Synthetic hair:

With the passing time, technology hasn’t left any difference between the synthetic hair and human hair; you cannot make a difference between both of them. They both look the same. The one thing about the synthetic hair is that you can wear them without any styling, the fiber used in it has the capacity to wave, curl or give volume without putting much effort. They cannot be styled in different ways. Synthetic hair wigs had less life than the human hair wigs.

Human hair wigs should be your first choice if you desire for quality. Human hair requires lots of care. Keep in mind human hair never comes out of the box prepared. You have to take them to the hairstylist to customize them according to your requirements. It will take a little bit time but totally worth it.

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