No Pony-Tail in a Real Hair Wigs: Myth or Reality?

Many a times, women worry about not being able to tie their hair when wearing a hair wig. This eventually leads them to dropping off the entire idea of buying a wig in the first place. A lot of times one is told that there are only specific wigs that are actually designed keeping in mind the pony-tail or up-do feature (with the wefts on the bottom sewn upwards). So what if you really want to tie your hair up because of the heat? Do you simply just don’t or you buy a special hair wig for that? Our answer to that is: neither. You can definitely tie your hair up wearing any wig by just keeping in mind a few tips and tricks! We will show you how.

Invest in a Wig Grip

Most of the times when you would be putting your hair up in a pony-tail, chances are it might just keep bugging you as it will slide down. The best option for you to prevent that from happening is wearing a wig grip, which is nothing very fancy just a headband (usually velvety) worn beneath a wig, to prevent it from falling back. What an amazing thing to buy, isn’t it?

The Density of the Wig

The best option is to look for a light weight wig that can actually combine your original hair with the wig hair and give the most natural looking style. Because although you can balance it with a head-band, if you are fond of wearing pretty dense real hair wigs into a pony-tail, chances are it would result in a very bulky and fake look when your hair is pulled back. So you do not want that to happen. Another thing that can give a bulky look is a loose fitted wig cap. You need a good grip to tie your hair well so a good fitted cap is the key.

Use your Original Hair

Yes, you heard that right. If you want a seamless look with that hair-do, you need to incorporate your natural hair into the process and mix it up with the wig hair. You can pull out a portion of the nape hair and pull it up with the pony-tail. Also, use the tips of your fingers to tousle a bit of the bio hair at the front to frame the hair-line for a more natural looking style.

So now you need not to worry about pulling off yet another tied-up hair style, because you know how to do it like a pro! Hence, you can now flaunt any hair style like a diva when wearing your hair wigs. However, if you still haven’t invested in any, what are you waiting for? Sana’s Hair Collection has premium quality virgin hair custom made wigs for sale to suit your needs! All your wig myths shall now be pushed aside and you can invest in a hair wig without any doubts.

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