Virgin Hair Bundle Deals
By Hassan

Guaranteed Quality Virgin Hair Bundle Deals by SHC

Virgin hair are made from human hair which are not dyed, colored, permed, bleached or chemically processed in any way. Virgin hair also comes from one donor. How you can say that they come from only one donor? It’s all the cuticles are intact and usually in the same direction.  Virgin hair are in the […]

By Sana

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Virgin Hair Extensions

If you can’t live without your virgin hair extensions, then you’ll need to arm yourself with some top hair care tips for keeping virgin hair extensions in the tip top condition. Just like our own hair, virgin hair extensions need a generous amount of TLC to keep the hair feeling and looking luxurious. Virgin hair […]

By Sana

How To Bring Your Virgin Hair Extensions Back To Life

Even virgin hair extensions need a little reviving from time to time, and if you plan on re-using the hair, you may want to bring them back to life beforehand. The hair might be insanely dry and frizzy due to over-bleaching, dyeing or just using too much heat on it. You may be tempted to […]