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 Sana Hair Collection

Inspired to make a difference, Sana Hair collection strives to empower women through high-quality custom wigs, quality hair extensions, and a variety of hair products. Established in 2016, customer experience has always been at the center of what we do. And as a customer-oriented business, our main priority is to uplift women across the globe and bring the best out of them.

Though Sana Hair Collection aims to elevate your look, we know beauty in more than looks. It is all about how you feel. Thus, our mission is to help you embrace every facet of your beauty with confidence. And if that means wearing custom wigs, we want to give you top-of-the-line authentic products. From custom wigs to medical wigs, every strand is made with  100% virgin human hair. Using the sewing machine method to deliver natural, durable, and luxurious wigs with the most natural look and comfort. They are more than just wigs, Sana Hair Collection is getting your confidence back. So you can have a more comfortable way to style your hair, or simply a great way to change it up when you feel like it.

Whether you are a cancer survivor, a bride-to-be, someone suffering from alopecia, or a busy mom, we are here to celebrate your beauty.

About Sana, The founder...

Hailing from Sierra Leone, a west African country, Sana was raised in the United States. She has always had an interest in beauty and fashion, but she went on to pursue a different career path until her creative fire was re-ignited. Sana worked alongside her cousin Idris Elba as his Personal Assistant and had the opportunity to meet A-list celebrities including Gabrielle Union, and Tracee Ellis Ross. Immersed in the world of fashion and glamour, Sana deepened her understanding of beauty, creativity, and even acting. Shortly after, she went on to manage a luxury hair salon while distributing beauty products to women across the world.

Drawing from her collective experience, Sana decided to launch Sana Hair Collection after mastering the hair craft. Because she believes beauty is the gift of life, and every woman deserves to shine and be as beautiful as a diamond in the sky. Therefore as a licensed nurse, she wanted to add the medical wig category. So women who suffer from hair loss or thinning of hair can still achieve their desired looks.

A believer in doing what you love, Sana also mentors women and encourages them to pursue their dream. She teaches women the ropes of custom wig-making and branding as they learn how to start a business.

When she is not running her business or teaching others how to be a boss, Sana is spending time with her husband and two beautiful children. An artist at heart.


“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

                                                                                Willie Nelson.”

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