• Best Way To Remove Your Weave

    Best Way To Remove Your Weave
    Is it that time again where your weave is desperately seeking an exit? Is your scalp incredibly itchy and flaky? Can you see your tracks from a mile off? Well, it's probably time to call it a day, and finally remove that weave. Believe it or not, the way that you remove your weave is important. It can be slightly tedious, but if you...
  • How To Bring Your Virgin Hair Extensions Back To Life

    How To Bring Your Virgin Hair Extensions Back To Life
    Even virgin hair extensions need a little reviving from time to time, and if you plan on re-using the hair, you may want to bring them back to life beforehand. The hair might be insanely dry and frizzy due to over-bleaching, dyeing or just using too much heat on it. You may be tempted to chuck out your current extensions for new ones, but...
  • Hair Extensions & Working Out

    Hair Extensions & Working Out
    There are countless girls out there that are afraid to wear extensions because they think it will interrupt their active lifestyle. Well, here's some good news, you can still wear your extensions, work out and still look hot. All that is required is a little preparation before you hit the gym and after. You may be turned off by the thought of getting sweaty...
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