Choose The Right Hair Extension Method For You

Hair extensions are so much fun to experiment with, going from short hair to long luscious locks in minutes. The way you wear your virgin extensions depends entirely on how long you plan to wear them, the condition of your own hair and how you want your hair styled. The great thing about hair extensions is that there are many ways in which to install them and in this post, we will list the most popular methods available to you.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are wefts of hair with wig clips attached to it. To install, you simply part your hair and use the wig clips to clip the hair extension on to your own hair. Clip-ins are great if you want a more temporary look and don't want to commit to a full weave. They're so easy to install and remove, plus they're super easy to make too.

Pre-Bonded Extensions

The tips of the hair extensions are pre-glued, which is then attached to your hair and then secured with a heat appliance.

This particular method is popular among celebrities as they provide the hair with much versatility. Saying that, they do require regular maintenance, which means regular salon appointments and this can be very costly.


The hair is cornrowed and then the hair extension is sewn on to the cornrow. Weaves are ideal for women with coarse hair because the thick hair can handle the tension that weaves put on the hair. It isn't recommended to have a weave if your hair is thinning around the edges, as it will only damage your hair further.

There is always the option to have a net weave, which is where a net is sew on to your cornrows and then the hair extension is attached to the net, protecting your own hair.

U-Part Wig

U-Part Wigs are becoming more and more popular in 2015. No longer are women afraid nor embarrassed to sport a wig. Out of all the methods listed, the U-Part Wig will last you longer. To create a U-Part wig, you are to sew or glue the hair onto the cap, sewing in a 'U' pattern. You will need to mark out a 'U' where you plan to have your parting, which will be where you will have your own hair left out or where you will attach a closure. Leaving your own hair makes it look less 'wiggy' and gives you a more natural look.

As long as you have used a durable weaving cap, your wig will last you years. The great thing is that you take it off whenever you like and tend to your own hair. You can either sew the cap around the parameter of your hair line or your attach wig clips instead.

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