The Perfect Wig Styles to Try This Holiday Season

The Perfect Wig Styles to Try This Holiday Season
The joy is in the air! See all the candy canes and glisten balls making there way to the store shelves? That’s the amazing thrill of the Christmas Season. But other than the festivities food, family, gifts, and candy has to offer, you may be wondering what hair style you could possibly try this holiday season 2021.
If you are a lover of protective styles, you have quite a few options to choose from under custom wigs that will sure show just how beautiful you are for this holiday season. 

7 Perfect Wig Styles to Try This Holiday Season
1. The Straight Hair Wigs. are great for the Christmas holiday because they offer the perfect flexible flair. You also have the option of adding some loose waves with the use of a flat iron or curling iron in literally minutes. Don't forget, with a custom-made glue-less lace front straight wig you are able to change the parts from center to side part to give you variety throughout the entire holiday. 
The straight lace-front or closure wig also gives your such a polished appearance and effortlessly enhances your beauty.

2. The Body Wave Wig. This texture here is quite a flirt if you ask me and gives you just the right seductive appearance to boost your confidence every time you stare in the mirror.
The benefit of choosing this wig is it will suit every occasion thus you will be able to enjoy every Christmas party whether at home or out while feeling and looking your best.
You also have the option of possibly playing with the idea of having your custom wig colored for that added flair based on your mood.
3. Headband Wigs. These wigs are quite versatile and are actually the best options for individuals who are new to wigs and desire to change between wearing their natural hair and wig throughout the Christmas holiday. These wigs also tend to be more cost effective thus giving you the ability to selecting a curly, kinky, and straight one based your desired preference.
Headband wigs look just as natural, and you have nothing to worry about.

4.  Short Hair Wig. Have you always been interested to see how short hair would suit you? Well, the Christmas season might be the perfect time to try a new look like a pixie cut wig whether straight or curly to see that face structure and cheekbone beauty come out. This wig style is also quite versatile and will suit just about any setting. Just don’t forget to smize with those eyes!
5. Exotic Curl Wigs. This wig is known to bring the festivities of the season to the forefront. The curls are very manageable and offer sheer beauty for every occasion. Your best accessory when wearing this hairstyle is your beautiful smile.
6. The 12-inch Classic Bob Cut Wig. The truth is bob cut style is ageless. Its fitting for every season and every occasion. A regular dark brown or burgundy color will surely keep you satisfied the entire Christmas. Be ready to welcome compliments and questions as you model this hairstyle.
Wearing it bone straight or with a slight curl under the ends are great ways to consider alternating this hairstyle.

7. The Fringe / Bang Wig. Are you already ready to lay on your favorite mascara and eyeliner or have your eyelashes professionally done for the Christmas? If your answer is yes, this is the best hairstyle for you as it enhances your eyes, overall beauty, and youthfulness. You might just be surprised at how much you love this hairstyle and wear it even after the holiday season has come to an end. This might be your new signature look for special occasions.
Caring for your Wigs
With eight beautiful wig styles to choose from to rock this holiday season its quite important that you know also how to care and maintain the appearance of your wig.
Lace front human hair wigs are a great investment and with proper care tend to last you for at least a year or longer even if you decide to wear it every day. However, the right care for your wigs comes with understanding how to wash, condition and dry, comb and moisturize them.
Washing and Conditioning: When you have decided to wash and condition your wig which is at most twice per month depending on how often you wear it daily you will opt for a moisturizing sulphate free shampooand conditioner. You want to ensure that the shampoo is not too abrasive to cause the wig to become dry and lifeless. You can have it washed by an expert or you can do it at home with following expert advice.
Combing: When combing your wig always start from the ends of the hair and work your way up to the root. This helps to maintain hair and detangle it effectively without causing tangles or knots.
Air Dry: After wigs are washed, they should be gently squeezed to get rid of excess water and patted with a towel then left to air dry in a hanging position or on a mannequin head.
Oiling: To keep your wig glowing without excess buildup you can use oils such as jojoba, argan oil, and coconut oil. They work to impart great moisture to your wigs and keep them properly maintained to last you longer. A little goes a long way and using it at least two times a week is adequate.
Final Thoughts
Wigs are the ideal to-go hairstyle for the Christmas especially for women who enjoy versatility, options, and a great protective hairstyle.
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