Tips for Newbie’s on How to Wear the Lace Closures

Are you buying lace closures for the first time and confused how to use them. Well this article will help you in installing the lace closures easily. If you are a newbie and facing problem in using the hair lace closures so you just don’t need to worry. I’m also a newbie just like you and had done a lot of research before diving in.

What are lace closures?

First you need to know what lace closures are. They are the piece of hair strands which are tied on the piece of lace. The color of the lace is normally beige or dark brown. Closures came in different sizes; normally most commonly used one is three inches wide by four inches deep. This closure is used to help the wearer to have a full sew in with none of their hair left out but best thing is flexibility which allows wearer to show the scalp after wearing it. This is same like lace wig or lace front. When the closure is attached your braided hair, the best thing is you can part the closure in to different parts according to your requirements.

How you can make use of lace closures?

Basically the hair strands are hand tied on to the lace and knots are created at the base of the lace. You will find in some expensive closures that their knots are bleached so they are basically invisible. The closure which I bought has the visible knots so I had to bleach them. Some of the lace closures have cloth or plastic binding on the outside like perfect locks while some have the excess lace. This is just because that you can wear the lace several times after washing and styling.

If you are bleaching the knots then you have to the thin the hair line using tweezers so it is not the same of density all the way to end. Your real hair line tapers naturally so you don’t want your hair density to the edge and then end hurriedly. It looks unnatural.

If you want a permanent part, create a line with a rattail comb or tweeze hair along the part to widen it little. This is done for the life time wearing of the lace closures in the same position,

How to braid the lace?

Now the next important step is braid your real hair in a way that has the same part in the same position that’s how you are planning to wear. Now align the closure directly to your part so that your natural scalp shows through the lace. You can also apply concealor to hide the knots which are not bleached properly.

I hope this little effort helps you in wearing the lace closures. If you want to experiment it, don’t buy the expensive closures at first, go for the discounted lace closures and try to wear through one of these methods as a practice. It will be easier for you to learn with your own experience. click here to get more details about it.

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