Your Complete Guide to Custom Wigs for Black Hair

To a lot of people who are deeply captivated by hair in general, African American hair is simply ‘natty, kinky and rough in texture’. No wonder, there are a lot of other things as well that make black hair in general very different from Asian, Brazilian or Peruvian hair types. For this article, our main focus for you would be African American hair, although we might as well include Indian hair once we start stating all those hair facts and figures.

Why is African hair black?

Ah, this has everything to do with just one pigment found in the hair roots known as ‘melanin’. This so-called pigment is present in two forms, one is the eumelanin which is responsible for the dark color in the hair, the other one deals with the light tones in the hair and is known as the pheomelanin. The hair follicles sometimes even have different quantities of both of these pigments sometimes, resulting in multi-hued hair. Apart from that, there is no rocket science here. People with greater levels of eumelanin have darker hair as compared to those having pheomelanin.

What Gives Black Hair the Texture it has?

You may have seen almost every African woman with springy, coarse looking, dry and unmanageable hair. This type of hair, when looked at through a microscope, is flat when viewed in a cross-sectional way, as compared to other hair types that are usually round in cross-section. This makes African hair very prone to breakage and results in the different texture that it has. The curlier African hair has kinky bends that cause hindrance for the natural hair oils to work their way down the shaft of the hair. This causes lack of natural nourishment reaching the hair and causes more breakage.

Why is African American Hair Preferred by Wig Makers?

For the same reasons stated above, African American hair is a lot denser than Asian and other hair types. Therefore, they make great wigs. Interestingly, those African women who might have less denser hair would invest in custom wigs for black hair to change their look and add a bit of volume.

Should You Invest in an African-Hair Made Closure or Wig?

Yes, you definitely should if you are looking for voluminous locks of hair. African hair closures and wigs, along with Peruvian, Brazilian and Caucasian hair types, are easy to style, perm and straighten. Also, African hair gives a captivatingly different look when relaxed. Just make sure you pick 100% virgin human hair wigs as there are many fake vendors that sell processed and chemically treated African hair in the name of virgin hair.

Where to Buy Authentic Virgin African Hair Wigs?


There are a lot of suppliers that could provide you with hair closures and wigs online where you can make your purchase through the web. You must be thinking ‘What are the best vendors for African human hair wigs near me?’ We are just a click away. Our hair wig variety at Sana Hair Collection is only one of its kind and certainly the best you would ever come across in terms of service and quality of products.

Why Choose Sana Hair Collection?

We deal in a variety of African hair types, ranging from kinky curly hair to wavy and super sleek Indian black straight hair. Our services are fast as well as reliable and you can hence trust us with your purchase. Also, to all those of our customers who are living in the United States, we give special discounts on orders above a certain price range. We are super friendly when it comes to managing customer services because at Sana Hair Collection, we understand your hair needs and concerns better than anybody else.

Where are the Black Hair Wigs Manufactured at Sana’s?

We do not rely on any third party suppliers in terms of quality and quantity. Hair is precious and we understand how much your good hair-day means to you! Therefore we have our very own manufacturing units based in the United States.

You can be your very own African Hair Queen! We appreciate black hair as much as any other hair type and collect the finest virgin hair from various parts of the continents after days of research and quality control. Visit our online store now and be dazzled!

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