Your Perfect Guide to Buying Custom Wigs

If closures have started to bore you and you are planning to invest in custom made wigs, like every other hair-conscious woman you too must be having a bundle of questions in your mind. What kind of wig would best suit your needs? How will you know what is the best one to buy? This post would be your guide to understanding the different types of wig options available in the market as well as the material from which they are made.

Monofilament Based Wigs

The monofilament material on the base of these wigs is basically a very fine kind of lacy material combined with a mesh blend made up of nylon. These are the most breathable kind of wigs and therefore turn out to be the best option for especially those clients who have a sensitive scalp. This would take the color of the skin once it comes in contact with it. Thus, every time you would part your hair wearing this, it would turn out to look immensely flawless.

Lace Based Frontals/Wigs

These kind of hair comes in two kinds, they are either frontals only or are fully laced. They are designed in such a way that the scalp can be easily seen through a fine layer of lace which cannot be seen once it comes in contact with the skin. Thus, the hairline that this kind of closure creates is very natural looking. The frontal ones, as the name suggests, only contain lace for the frontal part of the item with the rest having a cap that can be attached via clips to secure it on the head. Mostly, women would buy expensive custom wigs but if you are looking for any affordable packages regarding lace based ones, then do visit our webstore at Sana Hair Collection and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Once you are definite about what kind of base you would want for your custom made wig, the next step is choosing the material whether you want synthetic or natural human hair wigs.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

These are usually made up of nylon or acrylic material and are the cheapest ones to find. They are very durable and can be easily styled at home. You can even dye them at home. But the drawbacks include not being able to freely expose them to sunlight for long hours because these synthetic hair wigs tend to melt swiftly when exposed to high temperatures.

Natural Human Hair Wigs

These are the best quality wigs that you would ever invest in! Hair for these are collected from all over the world including Asia, Africa, and Europe. These last longer than synthetic wigs and therefore are a bit pricier as well. You can easily style and color them on your own but if you are looking for custom color wigs then once again Sana Hair Collection has the solution for you because we deal with 100% virgin human hair wigs that can be easily customized.

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