3 Tips for Buying the Best Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming one of the greatest beauty weapons for women all over the globe and it is definitely trending like crazy! They are the most deluxe salon service that is available for women who are looking forward to more lengthy, voluminous looking locks or just simply want highlights in their hair but do not want to go even near chemical dyes. Let’s face it: extensions have completely changed the hair game for women and everyone is a winner within minutes! Hence, if you are one of those women who are considering extensions or didn’t have a decent prior experience using them, this article is here to guide you for your very next.

Choose 100% Virgin Human Hair

Remy hair includes hair with intact cuticles that are flowing in the same direction. This hair might have been collected from multiple donors and has usually been processed to give the best quality. It blends well with almost any hair type and does not tangle very often either. However, the reason why virgin hair is preferred over remy hair is that it lasts a lot longer and therefore the investment in virgin hair extensions and bundles is totally worthwhile. Virgin hair has never been chemically treated, as the name suggests, therefore it is healthy hair with zero split ends and grey tones. It is then processed to make it suitable for other people to wear.

Texture, Color, Hair Type and Density

The next thing you would want to keep an eye out for is how well the color of the extension you have chosen blends in with your natural hair type, same goes for the hair texture which could either be coarse curly hair, smooth silky straight or wavy. For the hair type, you can choose from Brazilian or Peruvian. Talking about density, Chinese hair is light weighted and European hair is denser. You need to keep in mind to choose the right kind since you don’t want to pressurize your scalp too much neither do you want to choose something that is way too light.

Picking the Perfect Salon

If for once you apply hair extensions in correctly, you might damage the hair weft as well as deal with frequent slipping on daily basis which would be a complete hassle.  Believe it or not, professionals at a salon know the ultimate hair care stuff. They know the complete installation techniques for wigs and the best hair extension methods. Therefore, it is wise to select a certified person who knows what they are doing.

The bottom line is, almost everything depends on the quality hair that is used in the extensions, the proficiency and skills of the hair extension professionals that would aid in installing the extensions and ultimately, how much you are actually willing to spend because the market is all yours. At Sana’s Luxury Hair Collection, we deal with the finest quality hair extensions and bundles as well as customized hair wigs that you would never be disappointed with in terms of quality.

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