Top Quality Hot Selling Peruvian Virgin Hair

Peruvian virgin hair extensions are a collection of stylish and fashionable hair which becomes famous among customers for its splendid styling. You can almost make any kind of style with this hair. They always look elegant and eye-catching. The best part of our Peruvian virgin hair is we don’t have suppliers but we have our very own manufacturing unit and we provide 100% quality product to our customers so there is nothing to doubt about the quality. We care for our customers more than anything in terms of selling online the optimum quality hair. Normally customers ask us the same questions when buying online. So we have just collected all at one place to help you in the future.

How many bundles do I need for a full head?

Our hair expert would love to help you regarding the length. If you have hair length between 12’ to 18’ then you should buy three bundles of hair but if your length is over 18’ inches so we recommend to buy four bundles of hair. The longer hair will have the shorter width track end to end. For head covering, volume and thickness, you need to buy more bundles will be required. So to keep yourself save for the heck during appointment with your hairstylist because at that time you might need 3 bundles or more than that.

How long will they survive?

Well, we have our own manufacturing unit. We don’t have suppliers like other hair extension companies. Taking it through suppliers also has higher hair extensions prices. We have number of our trusted customers who believe in us and we always satisfy them with our outrageous products.

Join our family of trusted customers:

Become a part of our trusted customers around the globe. Our products are made with the fine craftsmanship for thin, weak and shorter hair. Peruvian virgin hair perfectly encapsulates confidence, life and extreme pressure. The finishing of our products allow you to reused and worn the hair for up to 18 months and also exempted from any heat damage too. So now you can also make different styles with straighteners and iron rods.

How they are in texture?

They are soft and silky in texture. They are light weight but still carry lots of volume and fullness. They came from the single donor so they are not chemically altered or processed. They are tangle free and shred free.

Peruvian hair are the best in terms of that they blend well with any type of hair when heat is applied.  You can install a closure to save from maintenance or care. We have variety of Peruvian hair extensions including Peruvian body wave, Brazilian kinky curly, Eurasian hair natural and Peruvian straight. Are you facing in deciding which one to buy just leave a message or make a call on our number, we would love to serve you the best and in a better way.

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