Check before Buying the Expensive Human Hair Wigs

Women all around the world spend a lot on their hair annually. They spend around $1000 annually to maintain their hair.  Women do different experiments with hair. Some love to dye hair and some always keep on trying new haircuts. They always go with the hair style which suits their personality.  Some like to have longer hair or some go for the shorter but either way both has to face the hair problems at some time.  Trend of using hair extension is getting popular. Well I used to have buy wigs from different online sellers.

One day I thought to buy hair extension from different websites and check the quality which they claim on their websites that their hair extensions are 100% human hair wigs.  Hair extensions range from $20 to more than $500 for a 3.5oz (100g) bundle. I thought to buy from different sources. So I purchases from 5 online popular vendors, 2 local stylists, and 2 beauty supply stores.  All sell me saying” They are 100%human hair wigs”.  Well like all I believe them and bought it before coming up with the second thought.  But what I did next is absolutely shocking for all of you.  We found huge difference in quality, price and services.

We visited the neighborhood stores. Who marketed their wigs as human hair wigs? But guess what happened when I applied 400 degrees heat on the wigs, it suddenly melted proving that those are synthetic hair.

After that I did a washing test with the hair extension which I bought at the cost of $149 for bundle.  What happened when I washed them, they just immediately tangled. After this experiment I went to the shops from where I bought them, the shopkeepers don’t even guide me about the product.  When I complained about the quality they always give you one answer, “Sorry! No refund”.  It was an old tactics used by them after selling their products to relay their products often.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware about the beauty supply stores.  They are selling their products like” human hair wigs on sale” slogans to attract the customers,  Well, what I concluded from my personal survey is buying online is the best option because no middle men is involved or no need to buy even from the stylist , they add extra cost of their profits. Sellers add their additional cost in it.

Well, after this small survey, I have come up with the one of the best affordable virgin hair companies. In which sanahaircollection is one of them from where I bought most of time? I have tested her wigs and she is providing what she is committed to her clients. She has full knowledge of her products and guided me throughout the deal. She also provides me discounted wigs for the first time. I tested her wigs in terms of softness, volume and weight. She consistently scored very well in all the testing’s.

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