Hair Extensions & Working Out

There are countless girls out there that are afraid to wear extensions because they think it will interrupt their active lifestyle. Well, here's some good news, you can still wear your extensions, work out and still look hot. All that is required is a little preparation before you hit the gym and after.

You may be turned off by the thought of getting sweaty whilst wearing your extensions, but there are plenty of ways that you can style your hair which will avoid you looking like a complete sweaty Betty!

The Best Type Of Hair Extensions & Install Method For Working Out

By far the best type of hair extensions for working out has got to be virgin hair extensions. Synthetic and other types of processed hair will react to sweat in a different way to virgin hair extensions. Virgin hair extensions can be washed and look fresh again, but with processed hair extensions, the sweat likes to hang around , even after several washes.

When selecting hair extensions, consider which length you can handle. If you're going for a shorter length, you'll find it much more hassle-free than if you were to go for a longer length. Though, If it's too short, you won't be able to pull it back into a pony tail.

As for the best installation method, all methods are perfectly suitable for working out, but sew-in's may cause you a little grief and that's usually because you'll sweat through your cornrows, making it a little smelly. If you do have a sew-in and don't want to wash your hair after every single workout, get your hands on some leave-in conditioner spray. Clip-ins have got to be the most convenient because you can remove them before your workout and clip them back in after you have finished.

Pre-Workout Hair Prep

Perhaps you plan on going swimming, but not sure what to do about your hair extensions. Well, problem solved...just wear a cap! Your probably best off taking all your extensions out first. This is why we recommend clip-ins as you can just take them out and nobody would know any different! If you're wear bonds and are planning on working out in the glorious sunshine, be sure to wear a hat or head-wrap as the heat may very well melt them.

Please, please, please don't hang around for too long in the sauna/steam room. You don't want to expose your extensions to too much heat, especially if you have synthetic hair in...imagine the mess!

Post- Workout Hair Care

After you have finished training like beast, grab some sulfate-free conditioner and wash your hair thoroughly. Trust us, you'll want to be sure that all that sweaty grease has gone. If you have bonds

or tracks in, make sure you get deep in there with your fingers and give it a good wash. If you can, towel dry your hair just a enough so that's it's not dripping wet and then let it air-dry.

Don't miss out on wearing hair extensions because your worried about how they will fit into your active lifestyle.With proper care and preparation, your extensions will keep in good condition. We would love to know what your go-to hairstyle is for working out. Comment below!

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