How To Bring Your Virgin Hair Extensions Back To Life

Even virgin hair extensions need a little reviving from time to time, and if you plan on re-using the hair, you may want to bring them back to life beforehand. The hair might be insanely dry and frizzy due to over-bleaching, dyeing or just using too much heat on it.

You may be tempted to chuck out your current extensions for new ones, but don't worry, with this step by step guide, you can give your hair extensions a new lease of life!

Detangle That Hair

Gently detangle the hair using a brush or comb. If you're wearing the hair extensions, part the hair into sections and detangle each section of hair. Try not to use a detangler spray, you'll just be loading the hair with more unnecessary grease.

Silicon Shampoo

If you've never heard of a silicon-based shampoo, then you're in for a right treat because this shampoo hydrates the hair, and is specifically designed for dry and damaged hair. All you need to do is lather the product all over the hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before washing.

When shampooing the hair, you will need to wash the hair vertically, from root to tip. Using circular motions will only create more tangles.

Hair Treatment

Chances are, the hair will probably be in need of a good protein treatment. It is this treatment that will bring back that healthy shine and silky flow. You are welcome to use this treatment on a weekly basis. So, how do you make the stuff?

What you will need:

Your favorite conditioner ( we recommend you use a conditioner that is low in PH.) 1 egg yolk
2 tsp natural coconut oil
1 tsp virgin olive oil

1 tbsp castor oil Dye brush

1. Make sure the hair is gently towel dried before applying the treatment. Part extensions in four


2. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients together and with a clean dye brush, brush the treatment onto the hair. The focus should be on the ends of the hair as that will be where the hair will be most dry and where it will need it most.

3. Leave the treatment on for a good 30 minutes. Go read a magazine or have a browse of the other posts on our blog!

4. Rinse with luke warm water and let it air dry.
And that's all there is to it. Now the hair is restored, hydrated, bouncy and ten times more healthier.

You can thank us later!


  • Before straightening or curling the hair, make sure you use some kind of heat protectant.
  • Don't go to be without wrapping or plaiting the hair. Also, don't go to bed with wet hair asthis will promote tangling at the back of your neck.
  • Don't sit out in the sun without a hat or some kind of head wrap.
  • Whenever you are in involved in physical activity, tie your hair extensions up into a ponytail so it is out of your face.Do you have any unique tips on how you revive your hair extensions? We would love to know, so comment below.
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